Johanna Fox

Johanna Fox

Johanna Fox has worked on novels in third-floor walkups and rooms so cramped that her head was in one room and her feet in another. Nonetheless, she has completed two novels and has now expanded contentedly into an old farmhouse on the coast of Maine, with a garden that sprawls from the kitchen to the road.

Reck House published Johanna's Landscape with Trees in October 2013 and will be bringing out Learning to Drown in early 2015.

Johanna is now at work on Marie at Sixty, which revisits Marie Cameron from Landscape with Trees.

From Landscape with Trees

Earthbound since she had abandoned her swing, she climbed trees that summer to feel free of the chaos, the sticky misery of family. “You can’t give it up now, you’ve just started,” Betty protested in anguish, and Steve asked why he should be expected to like it any better after he’d wasted a year. Marvin Leff, he said, could get him a job in the metalworking place come fall, and Marie shut her ears to the vehemence, much of it wordless, that followed. “I think that’s a terrible idea,” Betty said, as she slapped a drawer shut.

Marie had not known Marvin well; he was a new friend of Steve’s, acquired just that year. Often, when Wyn and Betty went out, Friday nights or Saturday afternoons or whenever they made time to go to the nursing home where Gram now lay, Marie found her brother in the kitchen with one or another of his friends, Marvin more than any of the rest. The room would smell of pepperoni, singed pepperoni if they hadn’t paid attention, and there would be pizza boxes on top of the wastebasket and beer cans on the table. Warily she would nod at them and then edge away, back to her room; and Marvin’s eyes would follow her as if she reminded him of a flavor he disliked.

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