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By Deborah Gould. Illustrated fiction. Trade paperback, 328 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9824-848-4-5. Published May 2011.

About Household

What does a house hold? With rich plans for the future, Margaret and Lee have bought their first home, an old farmhouse in rural Maine. But as they sand and patch and paint and polish, Margaret feels Lee becoming as distant as the nearest town, as inaccessible as the stones that wall the property. Margaret's idea of family, that circle of warmth and cherishing, is also receding. Lee becomes more erratic and unreachable, until Margaret's fear is "something real, like dust or rotting leaves."

Then Margaret herself begins to retreat, back into the gentle agrarian world of Ellen Thatcher, the woman who lived in her house more than a hundred years earlier.

Trying to learn all she can about the Thatchers, Margaret spools through microfilms of newspapers and agricultural reports, deeds and probates. And as she researches, imagines, and identifies with Ellen, Richard, and their five children, she finds a family to belong to. Happiest – and safest – in company with the Thatchers, who give her comfort in "their common, lovely lives," Margaret clutches this past tightly as she tries to survive, from one day to the terrifying next, inside the dissolution of her household.

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