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Ordering from Reck House Press

General ordering information

For each book we have available for sale, you'll find an "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page. Clicking it will bring you to a secure website where your information will be security-encrypted, and where you can order by credit or debit card, or through PayPal.


Need a gift certificate for a book lover?

Can't decide what books to order? Let us make it easy for you! You can purchase one or more of our Reck House Press $30.00 gift certificates by clicking on the "Buy Gift Certificate" link below. And if you're a procastinator, we've got you covered. Click the link, pay for your certificate(s), note the certificate number(s), and email the number(s) to your recipient. From Hopelessly Disorganized to Hero in less than two minutes. Your secret is safe with us. And you won't be displacing Fido from his doghouse.


Need a book gift-wrapped?

For any book ordered through our website, we'll be happy to encase it in a tastefully elegant giftpaper, and secure it with an equally elegant ribbon, for $3.50. Please go to our contact form to instruct us to whom and where to send it. And you can say a few words and be as sloppily sentimental as you'd like. We'll never tell. Then come back and click this link to have gift wrapping and a card added to your order.


Special ordering or handling

Orders are generally shipped media mail. If you need your order expedited, please contact us before ordering; we'll be happy to accommodate.


Discounts apply only to direct sales.

If you are ordering fifteen or more copies of a single title, to be shipped to a single address, you are eligible for a volume discount. Once again, please contact us before ordering so we can discuss the program with you.

If you are ordering a Reck House title for an institutional library or for academic (classroom) use, please contact us (you guessed it, before ordering) for information on our educational discounts.


Ordering with a credit card, or through PayPal

As we mentioned above, if you have no special ordering or handling requirements please use the "Add to Cart" buttons. You'll find them at the bottom of the page for each currently available book, or each book for which we are accepting advance orders. Clicking an "Add to Cart" button connects you to a secure website which will process your payment. You'll receive an email acknowledgement of your order almost immediately.


Ordering with cash or a personal check

We accept both: please contact us with your requirements.

Thank you for your order. Enjoy your book(s), and please email us your response!


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