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Reck House Press will be pleased to email you a Reader's Guide for any book we publish. Since the best readers' guides are a collaboration, we'd like to invite your participation. If, after using our current reader's guide, you or your reading group have discovered a question or point of departure that might prove equally stimulating for other readers (and might be included in subsequent revisions of that reader's guide), we'd appreciate it if you'd share it with us!

In addition, both the press and its authors welcome your thoughtful response to our work. If you would like to respond to any of our books, and will allow us to post your comments on our site as space allows, please contact us.

The Migration of the Small Book

Since it's always interesting to watch the migratory pattern of a small book, we thought you'd like to see where our our books are now residing. If you seem to be the only person in your state (or country) with one of our books, and you'd like to have your copy represented here, feel free to drop us a line and we'll "put it on the map." And, of course, if we publish your review or comments online, we'll honor you and your state with the coveted typewriter icon.

If your book club is reading one of our titles, we'll be happy to duly annotate the map with an icon that represents your club. Just let us know the name (if any) of your club, the city and state in which it's located, and the title of the book.


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