Submitting pages we've requested

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If we've sent you a password and requested that you email us additional pages from your manuscript, before doing so please remember:

We can neither read nor open any submission that does not include your password in the subject line.

If yours is a fiction manuscript we REQUIRE a one-page synopsis, and no more than whatever number of pages we've requested. These pages should be sequential from page one of your manuscript.

For nonfiction, we REQUIRE a proposal, with a projected (and detailed) table of contents, the first chapter of the book, and your qualifications for writing it.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Please do not send more than we've requested, or less than we require!

Your manuscript pages should be double-spaced, with a border of at least an inch on all sides. Please include a page number in the upper-right-hand-corner of each page.

The members of our editorial board, who will be looking over your submission, are all very busy professionals; but we make every attempt to respond to you within a month.

You'll receive an email confirming our receipt of your submission, with an anticipated response date. In the unlikely event that you haven't heard from us a week past that date, please feel free to follow up with us.

This is your only chance to capture our interest. Before you submit your writing sample, please take a moment to see what we are looking for in a well-prepared manuscript.

Thank you. We look forward to your submission!


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